Sunday, September 16, 2018

Techniques to Deal with Difficult People

Most families have at least one difficult-to-treat family member. And sometimes that person is usually the one we work with. We can spend hours trying to have a solution to how to get a smile ?, or at least avoid a bad face. Some people can be very difficult to treat.
Difficult people usually have low self-esteem and a need to exercise power and control . It's easier to make excuses: it's just a misunderstanding, a clash of personalities or maybe you're very sensitive. But misunderstandings in the office, home, school can become toxic , affecting the satisfaction of that place, creativity, productivity and health and even happiness.

Give space (literal and figurative) to all people

  • Stopping and telling people negative, what you think and want , can be a big step since they usually can not handle the situation .

  • If during a conversation, we realize that the topic will not work, it is recommended to end that conversation immediately .

  • If the person is angry in the first place, it is worth telling yourself that that person may just be having a bad day and that it is not personal. A new study has found that this can reduce the impact of their aggression. 

Here are some extra tips:

  1. Listen to what they have to say and do not interrupt , even if you do not agree.
  2. Nod your head, and make brief comments.
  3. Question Ask questions that show you have been paying attention.
If we do not judge and show interest, it is likely to lead to more confidence on the part of the difficult person, remember that 55% of the communication is body language , 38% is the tone of voice , and 7% are the words real ones that are spoken.


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