Sunday, September 16, 2018

Schools Started to Operate Cellular Ban in in France

Prohibit any mobile device in French schools less than 15 years? It is a question that since 2010 had hovered around the French parliament and society in general in that country. Until December 2017 the measure was flexible and although the students could not use the electronic devices in the classroom, it was allowed to use them during the break. Then, in June of this year the parliament announced that this prohibition would be total: it would be governed by a law called " detox " (detoxification) and would start operating from September. And so it happened. With the return to class of more than 12 million French students, the law began to be implemented on Monday, September 3. The regulation responds to an electoral promise of President Emmanuel Macron that seeks to separate children under 15 from their mobile devices (cell phones, tablets and even watches). And although the law is aimed at preschool, primary and secondary, educational institutions with children between 15 and 18 years will be free to partially or fully apply this legislation that has caused a stir in French society. During the debates prior to the recently released school code, Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer expressed in 2017 that the proposal was more "a public health message for families". Then, this year politicians like Hervé Saulignac, representative of the Socialist Party, defended the measure claiming that children were likely to be addicted to their phones and unable to concentrate on their studies. Now, with the decision just out of the oven, his opponents argued that it was a "communication operation" and a "law of circumstances that will not change anything." The defenders of the law stayed in their place: the use of telephones impairs the capacity of attention in class, the school environment and reduces the physical activity in the courtyards. In addition, it exposes minors to violent and pornographic contents. It is an "entry into the 21st century" law, which sends a "message to French society" and also abroad, with "other interested countries," said Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer once again. Is the measure convenient? The educational community, the parents and the parliament will have to wait to see the reactions of the students. Although some of them answered that they will keep their cell phones until the end of the day to later communicate with their parents, experts argue that the prohibition is not the exit, because the addiction to technology speaks of behavioral phenomena that surpass this type of legislation.

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