Sunday, September 16, 2018

How to Take Care of Your Cell Phone Battery?

Follow these tips to use your cell phone without having to rely on a charger.

The cell phone is a tool that has become indispensable, and the battery life is one of its main problems. To avoid sitting next to a plug or leave your cell phone in the box of a restaurant or bar while "loading a little," Diners gives you six tips to extend the life of your battery.

It is not necessary to charge it 8 hours when it is new

This remains a very common belief. Generally a new cell phone comes with 40% or 50% of its charge. Ideally, use it until the device tells you it is necessary to connect it and wait for it to fully charge. If the device indicates that it has already reached 100%, disconnect it, whatever time has passed.

It is not necessary to charge it completely every time

Wait for the battery to be at 5% to connect or 100% to disconnect it is irrelevant. For example, if your cell phone is charging, you have 70% and you need to disconnect it, do not connect it again immediately. Wait for the battery to discharge to do so again.

Beware of temperatures

Some batteries are very sensitive to high temperatures and therefore tend to inflate. Although it is currently very difficult for batteries to get out of their temperature limits, it is recommended that they not be exposed to the sun or other sources of heat for a long time.

Avoid that the load falls of 5%

The batteries that were used a few years ago had "memory", so it was recommended to completely discharge these batteries before charging them. On the other hand, lithium batteries that are currently used do not have this effect. This is why it is not necessary to wait for it to be fully discharged in order to recharge it, in fact, it is recommended that its load never drop below 5-10% (and much less if it is going to be for long periods).

Avoid leaving the cell phone connected when the battery is 100% charged

As it is negative to allow the battery to charge a lot, it is also 100% permanent. Therefore, it is recommended that, once it has been fully charged, the charger is disconnected. It is not advisable to leave it charging all night.

Be careful with the chargers you use

Not all mobile phone chargers are the same. Each brand has different specifications, although the loading slot is the same. For example, if the charger of your cell phone is 5 volts and 2 amps, it means that this is the voltage and current that the cellular circuits need to function properly. If you use a charger with different specifications you can cause the circuits to overload or not work properly. That is why sometimes "the charge does not last" and over time it will damage the battery. This information is brought by the chargers in the transformer, that is, the part that is connected to the wall.

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