Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Game of Thrones: The Impressive Locations in Spain

Game of Thrones stands out for its characters, its power struggle, love adventures, dragons, white walkers ... but also for its scenarios.

A good way to remove the monkey to see the new season of Game of Thrones is to visit the scenarios that await us in the new season of the series of George RR Martin.
Luckily we can visit many of them in Spain (Extremadura, Andalusia and Basque Country) that little or nothing come to change with the images that we will see in the series.

An opportunity to anticipate the story that awaits us in the new season of Game of Thrones is to visit these 9 places:

1. Almodóvar del Río (Córdoba)

Located in Andalusia, one of the favorite places of Game of Thrones to record, I do not know if it will be for the good that it is eaten or the good weather that it does. The municipality of Almodóvar del Río, population of almost 8,000 inhabitants, has one of the most beautiful medieval castles in Spain.
Its medieval castle of the XIV century, was built on a castle of Muslim origin and former Roman fortress, in the fourteenth century it was the residence of Pedro I «El Cruel» and Enrique II «el Fratricida», bastard son of Alfonso XI, named after kill his brother Pedro I with his own hands to snatch him the throne of Castile.
In this case reality exceeds the fiction of Game of Thrones and we will see if it is not a nod in the scenes that are recorded there in the history of Castile ... It could be the fort of some noble house in Poniente.

2. Seville

In the previous season we could already see the Jardines del Agua, to the south of the west, is the residence of the governors of Dorne, the Martell family.
We are in Seville but if we place ourselves in El Real Alcázar de Sevilla we will get fully into the 7th season as they have recorded again in the Real Alcázar and its magnificent gardens.
Also as a stage for the seventh season we find the Royal Shipyards of Seville. old shipyards of the XIII century for the construction of ships, galleys type.

3. Santiponce (Seville)

Just 10 kilometers from El Real Alcázar de Sevilla, we find the town of Santiponce, a place that has the Roman ruins of the city of Itálica , founded in 206 BC. It will be one of the most spectacular scenarios that the seventh season of Game of Thrones.
It is believed that the stage will be part of Dragon Well , where the meeting between Daenerys and other important characters will take place.
As we can see in the bottom photo, we have little to imagine to see the dragons of Daenerys flying over the ancient city of Itálica. We also have the information that a battle will be recorded and we can already imagine our friends throwing fire by the mouth ...
The Archaeological Ensemble of Itálica will allow us to visit the great Roman amphitheaterand stroll along the layout of the Roman city, charming streets with mosaics on the floors and unique buildings.

4. Cáceres

Since this year has not been recorded in Dubrovnik or Girona, it could be the place where we can see King's Landing .
The historic center is a World Heritage Site, with buildings such as the Church of San Francisco Javier, the Palacio de las Veletas or the Cisternas Árabes.

5. Los Barruecos Natural Park

In the municipality of Malpartida, 15 kilometers from Cáceres, is this extraordinary natural park that could be confused with the landscape of another planet and has served for the recording of a large number of water scenes.
In addition, Malpartida is a European town of the Stork and has a White Stork colony with nests in historic buildings in the urban area and large granite bolos of Los Barruecos Natural Park. All a show.

6. Trujillo (Cáceres)

The Lannister fortress in the 7th season is the Trujillo Castle , an old Arab fortress built between the 9th and the 12th century. Numerous scenes were shot in the courtyard of the fortress.
Trujillo is a city of just 9,436 inhabitants but it has a history of famous conquerors like Francisco de Orellana (discoverer of the Amazon River) or Francisco Pizarro (conqueror of Peru).

7. Zumaia (Guipúzcoa)

The impressive landscape of the flysch of the Itzurun beach, in the Guipuzcoan municipality of Zumaia, has been portrayed by the cameras of 'Game of Thrones'.
Is it the Gipuzkoa beach where Daenerys and his army disembark?
Or do we expect a greater role for the Iron Islands?

8. Bermeo (Vizcaya)

In Bermeo we find the islet of Juan de Gaztelugatxe, whose name means " castle of rock " in Euskera, not which indicates us that it can be a nod to Rocadragón or in another case form part of the Iron Islands.
This island is connected by a stone bridge made by man, which has a zigzag path to the church.
Juan de Gaztelugatxe has a history full of corsairs (like those of Sir Francis Drake), meetings of witches (in the Spanish Inquisition) or place of battle to defeat the King of Castile Alfonso XI by the Seven Knights of Bizkaia.

9. Barrika (Vizcaya)

The beach of Muriola, one of the most beautiful of Vizcaya, is located in a hidden place between cliffs. It is part of Barrika, one of the oldest municipalities of Vizcaya and origin linked to the solar house of Barrika founded in 496.
Its location, accessibility and beauty make it one of the most beautiful nudist beaches in Spain , and perhaps the characters of Game of Thrones had time to bathe in its cool waters.
What can I say about Game of Thrones ... if you have not seen it already, you can take it away from what you are doing and go see it !! Because what awaits us for the fight for the Iron Throne next season will not disappoint anyone.
7 episodes await us in the 7th season, 3 less than the previous one but more exciting and intense .
Game of Thrones brings us the trailer of the new season, seventh and penultimate.
Well, here I leave you with the trailer and with these incredible places for future trips. The truth is that I have nothing clear about where to start, but I hope not to leave any without paying a visit.

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