Sunday, September 16, 2018

Best Android Games of 2018 So Far

We are in the middle of 2018 and here we bring you our selection with the best Android games of 2018 . A list of the highest quality and level titles that can be found on Google Play. We have free games and others for payment, but they all offer hours of fun and its developers have invested many hours of work. We hope you find one that you like.

All selected games have reached the Play Store during this year. In total 25 games of different genres from RPG, puzzles, graphic adventures, shooters or casual games. A list that we hope to continue increasing as new games arrive, among which we hope for example The Elder Scroll Blades , Brawl Stars or Command & Conquer.

1. Thimbleweed Park

A classic graphic adventure from the creators of Monkey Island. Thimbleweed Park is translated and dubbed into Spanish in a story that combines mystery, crime and a sense of humor . A jewel that arrives perfectly adapted to Android with all its Easter eggs and its complicated puzzles.

2. Evoland 2

A varied and fun RPG. Evoland 2 combines several game styles , ranging from fighting to Street Figther style or card fights like Hearthstone. More than 20 hours of entertainment and no advertising or integrated purchases, since the game is paid.

3. Florence

From the designer of Monument Valley comes a different game, with a style and an enveloping story. Florence is an interactive adventure where, through vignettes, we must solve small puzzles. A title that has no difficulty but takes us into the disheartening anguish of a young woman's first love.

4. PUBG Mobile

With the permission of Fortnite , PUBG Mobile is the best Battle Royale for Android . It has meant a before and after due to its playability, its online mode and its excellent graphics. A preview of everything we can have in mobile games.

5. Tekken

Bandai Namco offers us a new title of the Tekken saga, with excellent graphics and several of the mythical characters like Kazuya, Paul or Nina. Requires a powerful phone to be used but if you like fighting games , in this 2018 Tekken is one of those that you must try.

6. Pokemon Quest

Two years after the success of Pokémon GO, Nintendo presents Pokemon Quest , a game halfway between the classic Pokémon and Minecraft . A curious adaptation of the saga to a more casual and current style to try to engage new players.

7. Alto's Odyssey

Contrary to the iOS version, Android arrives free of charge Alto's Odyssey , an excellent game with an excellent design, a first level soundtrack and more than 180 different objectives among which we will travel dunes, temples and canyons.

8. Friday the 13th: Assassin Puzzle

We continue with the terrifying environment. Friday 13th is a title that puts us in Jason's shoes. We have a puzzle style game where we must slide our killer to collect their revenge. A game with simple but very characteristic graphics.

9. Darkness Rises

If you're looking for an RPG with great graphics, Darkness Rises is a game of epic battles . We can choose between warrior, sorceress, berserk or murderer and explore the various dungeons to defeat the enemies.

 10. Dragon Ball Legends

Android needed a good game of Dragon Ball and with Legends they finally got it. We have a battle title with graphics that take us directly to the anime. The battles are based on gestures and cards but both the animations and the story mode are up to what we expected.

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