Tuesday, September 25, 2018

10 Reasons NOT to See Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is an HBO series based on the novels of George RR Martin. It is a series of fiction set in medieval times and, probably, one of the best series in history that has just announced its 7th season. Although it is probably already late (as it happens to many), we give you 10 reasons not to see Game of Thrones.

1.- Injustice. You can not love any character because he is likely to die cruelly and unjustly.
2.- Badness. If you think that evil character is insurmountable ... another much worse will come. Evil has no limits in this series.
3.- Anxiety. The feeling of extreme anguish grows at times and you can not control it. For months you will have to manage the stress of the last chapter seen and the proximity to a new one. It has side effects on health.
4.- Nightmares. A series with dragons, zombies, sorceresses ... You will not be able to sleep peacefully.
5.- Improperity. Your boss can be worse than a Lannister because of your lost productivity at work.
6. Sectarianism You will only talk about Game of Thrones. Once you start ... you will not relate to anyone who is not a fan of this series.
7.- Inconsistency. How can you educate your children coherently if one day a week you dress as the Guardian of the night, carry a sword and consent to so much evil?
8.- Madness. You will think that everyone is conspiring against you.
9.- Differentiation. I am different. I do not see Game of Thrones . "
10.- Opportunity. It can be a good strategy to link this summer. Someone will have to talk to those who have not seen Game of Thrones ...
If you have not yet been hooked to this series, you may be interested in these reasons. Many of us no longer have an alternative.

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