Monday, September 24, 2018

10 Ideal Destinations for a Different Christmas

Ideas for traveling at Christmas

While for many people, Christmas is a charming day of family gatherings and traditional meals and dinners, for other people they represent the perfect moment to pack and carry out a special trip.
For those who are thinking about taking a Christmas vacation, here are some suggestions of ideal Christmas destinations.

1. Bethlehem

With the current emphasis on consumption and excesses, the true meaning of Christmas often seems forgotten . To refresh our memory, nothing better than a pilgrimage to the birthplace of Jesus.
Try to be in the church of Santa Catalina when the clock strikes 12 to attend the service of midnight mass. Saint Catherine is part of the Church of the Nativity, commissioned in the year 326 by the Emperor Constantine. Inside, in the Grotto of the Nativity, a silver star marks the place where, it is believed, Jesus was born.

2. Finland

If we love all the parafanalia related to Santa Claus, we can go to the north of the Finnish Arctic . The man in the red suit is the most famous resident of this area and they exploit it to the fullest.

However, the snow and forests full of reindeer more than compensate for the tourist atmosphere, although the commercialization can get to crash
Taking a picture with Mr. Santa Claus in the village of Santa Claus costs 25 euros.

3. Bondi Beach, Australia

Bondi is the antithesis of the Christmas clich├ęs of the northern hemisphere : sun, sand and surf replace snow and fairy tales.
On December 25, the beach acts as a magnet for backpackers. Performances of bands and DJs and a festive atmosphere (although in recent years, the authorities have taken drastic measures for the excessive consumption of alcohol).

4. New York, USA

We've all seen at least one movie with images of Christmas in New York: Christmas lights, a layer of snow and ice skating under the tallest Christmas tree in the world . A walk through the department stores of the city is also a must.
Compulsory appointment: the representation of The Nutcracker of the New York ballet at Lincoln Center. See travel to the United States and a day in New York

5. The Vatican

In December the Eternal City has an additional charm , with roasted chestnuts for sale on every corner and the city flooded with presepi (nativity scenes); visit those of St. Peter's Square, Piazza Navona and Santa Maria Church in Aracoeli, on Capitoline Hill. Piazza Navona also houses a large market. The Mass of the Rooster in the Basilica of San Pedro is something to remember.

6. Dublin, Ireland

The morning bath is very famous on the 25th in the Forty Foot pool of sea water. In the previous days there are 12 days of Christmas Market in the Docklands, Christmas musical performances, lights, ice skating and abundance of joy in the Temple Bar. Of special interest , the carols in the Cathedral of St. Patrick (St Patrick's Cathedral).

7. Nuremberg, Germany

If buying gifts makes us think of department stores, we should at the same time experience the magical Christkindlesmarkt, the Christmas market in the main square of Nuremberg . 180 stalls offer toys, trinkets, candles and candy to shoppers, plus sausages and mulled wine.
Visit it at night, when the colored lights create a fairytale atmosphere.

8. Zurich, Switzerland

The mountains, snow and cobblestone streets make Switzerland a particularly attractive place at Christmas . Zurich has several markets, guided walks through the city and a charming Christmas tree on the Werdm├╝leplatz. Meanwhile, in a stage with stands covered with lights and varied vegetation, a chorus of young people from the town sing Christmas carols.
9. Tokyo, Japan
If we seek to break with tradition to experience a different Christmas , Tokyo is a good choice.
Traditionally, in Japan the celebration of the New Year is more important than that of Christmas (since less than 1% of the population is Christian). However, spectacular lights and decorations adorn the city.
Christmas Eve looks like Valentine's Day - a night for couples and romance - and the Christmas dinner consists of fried chicken followed by a spongy cake with cream and strawberries.

10. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, a small island with a great personality, offers a sunny Christmas with rhythm of salsa and pork on the spit.
There are parties from the beginning of December until the Day of Kings, on January 6. In the churches there are masses filled with aguinaldos (Christmas carols), and the big party is celebrated on Christmas Eve, followed by the Mass of the Rooster. It is also worth visiting the market along the Paseo de la Princesa.

What will be your destiny for this Christmas?

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